Filipino Businesses’ Resiliency

Filipino Businesses' Resiliency
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Based on the National Economic and Development Authority’s (NEDA) Business Sector Survey, 60% of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) got no choice but to close and end their operations COVID-19 greatly affected their working arrangements. Still, fortunately for employees, 70% sustained the number of people that were working for them. This choice has taken a toll on the revenue of the businesses as they lose more revenue. Some opt to delay their payments on tax and debt to augment these losses, and some tend to borrow some money from their families, friends, and the government.

After the pandemic wreaked havoc in our economy for the past few months, we see the emergence of resilient businesses that stood out despite all the challenges they’ve encountered. The private sector has been one of the casualties in the chaos that COVID-19 brought to the country. Still, these people kept moving forward and continued to help our country rehabilitate our economy.

Thanks to the private citizens’ calls for the economy’s opening, these entrepreneurs start to rebuild their businesses, but no complaints were heard from them. They continued to strive and serve us as nothing had happened. They followed all the protocols that were put in place to protect and keep our citizens safe.

With this, I’d like to thank all the businesses who continue to serve us despite all the hardships that they faced in these trying times. I understand the struggles and challenges they’ve been experiencing, and giving up would be a sensible option. Who would like to work in an environment where your efforts seem to be neglected and frowned upon, right? But despite all of these, they disregarded all these opposing forces and faced everything as nothing happened. And that took guts.

If I am in their place, I would have given up a long time because of the stress that everything has brought to me. I can’t see myself waking up like everything’s okay. If I’m in their shoes, I don’t know how to keep myself sane, and maybe, I’ll cry myself to sleep.

With this, I hope that we continue to support our businesses because they all deserve it. In these trying times, we only have ourselves.

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  1. Some businesses are going back to there operations despite the fact that the movement is limited. Hopefully, we can go back to our normal lives where we can go out to buy our essentials without waiting for the schedule and also we can see improvements in the business side.

  2. I am really amazed at how Filipino businesses are trying their best to survive during this pandemic. Cheering for all those who are doing their best to provide for their family and trying to keep our economy running.

  3. I applaud all the efforts of each and every entrepreneur and businessmen/businesswomen out there trying to navigate this hard path during the pandemic. Here’s hoping they will be rewarded in the future as things get better.

  4. As a small scale entrepreneur, I definitely agree that Filipinos have the will to brave the challenges of time especially about business. Even in this pandemic, we still thrive to survive thru selling goods or foods online. Resiliency and creativity are true Filipino traits.

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