On Generation Gap

on generation gaps
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When it comes to discussing generation gaps, I have never felt that I could relate personally. I’m only familiar with the concept in terms of the textbook definition, but recently I realized that I can now provide some insights into the discussion. Full disclosure: this article is based on a personal experience and does not generalize the generations of the persons involved as a whole. My claims are just based on my personal experience.

I’m considered a millennial, and there’s a 30-year age gap between my parents and me. We difference in opinion on almost anything. We constantly argue about a lot of stuff, whether it’s about philosophy, politics, business, religion, among others, and it’s making me feel nuts.

They tend to make me feel that they’re correct all the time, even though facts are already presented on their faces. In fact, I rarely hear them say they’re sorry about things, but when they do, it seems like it’s an obligation for them that they need to finish.

It’s also challenging to put myself in their shoes. Because most of the things they do are mainly based on their emotions, and sometimes deciding based on these, instead of helping us, could jeopardize our endeavors in the long run.

On the other hand, it’s also difficult for me to understand my younger brother, who’s 10 years younger than me. Our priorities are also different. His taste in almost everything is also different. It seems like I find it hard to connect with him sometimes. We speak different languages, and it’s bothering me.

As an older brother, I want to understand him better, but it seems like he’s also trying very hard to understand me.

Despite all these generation gaps, it’s important to take the time to understand other people, especially our loved ones.

6 Responses

  1. Yes, this true! In my own case, I am adapting to this society in order to understand the young generation. For me, learning is the gateway to have a better understanding. We need to learn and see different values. In my 20s I learned so much from older people and younger ones too. Swear I never had a tiktok video because I can’t get values on that platform hahahaaa.. I keep learning why teenagers right now are investing in doing tiktok videos. Now I understand that priorities are changing, so I have to keep my own priorities to move forward and chase my own dream. I really like this blog!

  2. And yes, our parents would always be like that haha back when I used to be with my parents, they would always say they are right. 😂 And for your younger sibling, I think magkasinabot rajud mo ana when he grows up na like me and my sister 😂

  3. While we live in the same world, our human experience can be different because of many factors — psychological, environmental, cultural, etc. However, there are good things about perceiving the world differently – we get to learn from others. We learn from our parents who grew up from a different generation when technology was not as advanced as it is now. We learn from those younger than us, too. And while we don’t see each other eye to eye because of these generational gaps, with compassion and love, we can agree to disagree. We can create conversations instead of arguments. There is so much opportunities for growth, really. 🙂

  4. I also found myself to have a different perspective not just with the people that I love, but also to people that I work with. With people of different generations, it’s normal for perspectives to clash. But as long as we respect each other and able to freely educate one another from our differences, we can always move forward. Though I agree that there exist some people who don’t welcome any learning opportunity, there are always ways and opportunities for the message to reach them. Sometimes, you just need to listen to them too and you’ll be surprised to learn a lot from them.

  5. Sometimes, even without a generation gap, we still have different opinions about things. I am very curious about other people’s perspectives in life. I always want to learn more and ask more about what they think, especially if their opinions are different than mine. I am always fascinated by these things (maybe that’s why I like to meet a lot of people), and even though I still do not agree with them, I always learned something new!

  6. Yes! Generation gap! I could remember how my brothers reprimand me of wearing sometimes “skimpy” clothes and why I had my hair short. Both of them are conservative, and this goes the same with my mom. Haha! I think this is also one of the reasons why my mom and I have some misunderstandings because I normally push and follow what I want (but I heed advise from her when needed).

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