On Goal-Achieving this 2020

On Goal-Achieving this 2020
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Every first day of the year, it’s a tradition for everyone to create their lists that they’d like to achieve on or before the end of the year. A bandwagoner that I am, I also crafted the list of my goals. I learned in my Management 101 class way back in college that for you to achieve your goals, it’s not enough to think about them. It’s better that you write them down to serve as a written covenant for yourself.

The first three quarters of my year have been harsh. I thought that my life would be comfortable for the whole year. My previous work was fantastic; it paid well, and I work well with my colleagues. My mental health has been stable, and I’ve never felt any drastic changes in my mindset. My loved ones in the province have been living harmoniously, and our business was booming. What a perfect year, right?

All of these changed when COVID-19 attacked…

Although my employment with my previous company was contractual, I thought that my tenure with them would be extended because of my excellent work ethic. My supervisor never heard any complaints from me when they ask me to give extra time to do some work. When the pandemic started wreaking havoc, our companies have been one of the casualties.

Even though they claimed that there had been no significant changes in the workforce, stories coming from my colleagues started to come out that they were cost-cutting and laying off some people. I was scared that my contract would not be extended, and it did happen. Thankfully, one of my goals in 2020 is to have an emergency fund to ensure that I would still be able to survive to be unemployed. It did help me a lot.

On the other hand, I promised myself that I would start investing this 2020. Even though I already have a financial plan with an insurance company, I never thought that it would be enough. Because my finances are unsteady this year, probably, I need to extend this goal to next year.

Losing weight was one of the goals that I wanted to achieve in 2020, but because of my mental instability for the past few months, it’s challenging to start the process because I have no motivation. Also, I invested heavily in food as one of my coping mechanisms. I still have three months in 2020, so I believe it’s still not too late to check my priorities.

This year, I also promised myself that I would start writing again, which is what I’m currently doing right now. Even though I promised myself to write at least once a week, but as I said previously, the first few quarters of my year have been stern. What matters to me now is that I already started to make my goals into reality.

The pandemic has taken a toll on our goal-setting, but I believe that we still have time to achieve them.

6 Responses

  1. I believe that Maurice. The year started so right for me as well. Like you, I was a contractual employee and a good one but when the pandemic happened, I was one of the laid-off employees. It was really depressing at first but I pulled myself together and continue to live and achieve my goals. It will be slow this time but goals are achievable as long as quitting isn’t part of the option. Hope you achieve your goals in the future and in perfect time!

  2. 2020 is definitely a weird year for almost everyone. While some plans have been canceled, let’s be thankful that this isn’t as worse as some others out there. Let’s just continue to hope 2021 will be so much better than this year… and we’re up for more goals!

  3. Dear Mau, trust in your timeline. Everyday is an opportunity to take those little steps towards your goals. When circumstances hamper your plans temporarily, use the pause as an opportunity to look into your goals again and ask yourself why you wanted to achieve them. Remember again your why and slowly, when you can, take those little steps again forward. It doesn’t matter if you end up taking new directions, as long as you’re moving and not giving up. You have my cheers and well-wishes. Go, Mau!

  4. Indeed, this pandemic has enormously shattered many people’s lives and goals. Yet despite all that, we can still look at things positively somehow this pandemic has brought us – like living a low-key life, spending more time with ourselves and the people we love.

  5. Hi MJ! My goals have been extended man since last year. haha! but there are some of my list though that i have checked already. Living in a better house was one of my goal, and it has happened na, although we are still renting, but better than before. Writing again is also one of my list, and here I am doing it. I can tell nga I am travelling the right path japun towards my goal. Extended lang. hahaha!

  6. There were so many changes in my life and career this year that I became doubtful if I can achieve many of my 2020 goals. Despite the year being a very challenging and extraordinary year, goal setting can help us navigate during this difficult time and know about ourselves. I’m glad somehow I’m still able to find a way to achieve some goals while some are delayed which is entirely okay.

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