On My Mental Health this Pandemic

On my mental health this pandemic
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These past few months, I’ve been with different adversities in life, and it made me step back and assess all the choices that I have made in my life. This pandemic has provided me the wisdom to see things from another perspective and the mindset on what things I should prioritize.

For example, this may sound so bad, but I dropped many responsibilities in these trying times to prioritize my own mental health. I’ve been pretty active in many organizations pre-pandemic, and these things have given me the extra energy boost that helped me move forward on my day.

But that wasn’t the case when the pandemic struck. Although I’ve been trying so hard to stay composed and calm, it seems like I have a hard time grasping reality, which is so frustrating and sad. The things that made me look forward to tomorrow seems to be a hassle for me. I was not too fond of those feelings, but when I keep on pushing myself to continue doing all the stuff that I’ve been doing before, I observe that at the end of the day, I feel so burned out, and its effects on me are quite the opposite than what I usually have before.

This pandemic has made me choose myself first before anything else, and that’s the best decision that I’ve made for quite a while. It sounds so selfish, I agree, but the times are different, and we got no one but ourselves to rely on. I’ve put my mental health at the forefront of every decision I make during these trying times. Will this decision make me happier and satisfied with my life? If the answer is yes, then I believe that I won’t have any regrets with all my decisions.

How’s your mental health during these times? I hope you’re getting better.

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  1. It’s getting better. Well, before pandemic came this has been my daily routine since then. It was not that hard to adjust on the situation. Sometimes I tell other people who are struggling, “Welcome to my world.”

    My frustration was before the pandemic. I don’t like going to the office because for me it’s just a waste of time. It consumed me almost 6 hours going in and out of the office. Our shift is freaking 10 hours. I often say I could have used my time in travelling into something productive like editing my vlogs. Now, I am able to update my YT channel often and it was amazing.

    Converting negativity into positive is the only key in this pandemic times. Never stop moving.

  2. To be honest, I do not find it selfish to put yourself first. I think that we should do that more often (than we are currently doing) because we can give so much love to others if we put our self first. We are more present and giving.

    On my side, mental health is so much better now that I am with my family. I think during the first few months when the pandemic started was the most difficult time for me.

    I hope you happier and satisfied. Giving you a virtual hug! 🙂

  3. I can relate to this article! In fact, I am a formerly diagnosed with mental illness due to chronic stress and depression from my previous life events way back 2014 and 2015. The process of getting back my normal life was not easy. I’ve been searching for effective methods on how to deal with anxiety and depression before, but I only found the effective way to get rid of it by changing your priorities, work environment, and someone to talk and listen. I am blessed to have few friends that so open about this matter and it is healthy to share my thoughts to them. This COVID19 served me as an opportunity to connect and divert my attention to something that I really want to do while at home. I became productive at home during my quarantine period and it is really amazing to see my progress daily. Hopefully everyone is okay right now. I hope everyone can learn about this blog. 🙂 So great!

  4. Hi, Maurice. I don’t think you are selfish. In fact, I am proud of people like you who remains strong even if the environment is in chaos. Everybody is anxious, scared, and ambivalent in this pandemic that is why we have to introspect within ourselves in order to maintain our composure and mental health. Keep going, Maurice!

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