On Starting A Podcast

on starting a podcast
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I’ve been a frustrated broadcaster all my life, and that’s the reason why I took mass communication way back in college. As far as I remembered, one of the reasons why I took that major is because I’m also a frustrated judge in school press conferences. I believed that the system in place can still be improved, and I would be the messiah that would change everything.

Adulting happened, which is an open secret, but being a journalist in this day and age is not a good career if you want to help your family with their day-to-day expenses, so I got no choice but to take a step back and assess all my life choices. Should I pursue my passion and be happy, or should I drop everything and make my family happy? Well, happily ever after only happens in fairy tales, so I got no choice but to drop my passion for a job that offers decent pay.

Even though I’m not working as a journalist, there’s still a voice calling me to pursue what I want in my life, and before, I have a hard time fulfilling that. If I focus my efforts and energy on my full-time work, I have no choice but to drop my dreams of becoming a broadcaster, but that’s not the case anymore.

Thankfully, with the advancement of our technologies, we can now become broadcasters in the comfort of our homes. No need for complicated technical stuff that traditional radio stations have. With this, I’m very proud and happy to say that it’s true as I started my own podcast.

I admit it’s not yet perfect, and it will never be, but that’s the beauty of it. I don’t need to strive for perfection in this perfect world. All I need to do is to produce content that I believe my audience will love.

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7 Responses

  1. Yehey!! Congrats to you MJ for starting a podcast! The most important thing though when we start something new is to build a habit of being consistent about it. Here’s hoping you get that habit! 🙂

  2. Nice! Congrats, Maurice! I think no matter how far we are from our dreams, there is a certain point where we are driven by our passion and redirecting us to our dreams! So happy that you found yours thru this podcast!

  3. Congrats Sir Mau! We need to keep exploring the best platforms to express ourselves. I’ve seen a lot of my friends express themselves and successfully made it on top on their respective platforms. This might be the best for you. Keep doing on what you love.

  4. Congratulations, Mau! We are fortunate to be in the time when we can give birth to stories in various forms and through different platforms. Your content doesn’t have to be perfect, just put your heart into it and get it done. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your newest content milestone as podcast creator! This platform is amazing. Podcasting is not my list yet including tiktok ahhahaha.. Maybe one day I will publish my own podcast channel, but I need to feel comfortable about my speech tone (that’s the area I need to work on harder)

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