Procrastination and The New Normal

Procrastination and The New Normal
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For the past few months, I have found myself slouching on my old sofa bed, contemplating the things that I’m supposed to do this quarantine. Thinking that this pandemic would end after a few weeks was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life, and this mindset has lead to my constant insanity this past couple of weeks.

After fighting a lot of inner demons, I have decided to stop all this mess and start being productive for the sake of mental stability. Jokes on me, I’m claiming something even though I didn’t have it.

Going back, here are some of the things that I did to ensure I’ll have my momentum back and finish some tasks that have been pending on my checklist for a couple of weeks now.

Utilizing a productivity tool

If you’re searching for a productivity tool in the market today, then look further than your own phone’s app store. There are a lot of tools to choose from like Asana, Trello, Notion, among others, but choosing the best one would be a tough decision for you. You should select the best tool that is tailor-fit for your needs. You may check their websites to learn more about their features and if these suit your needs well.

Maximizing the time-blocking technique

I believe this is one of the most popular productivity hacks that you could use on yourself. You can block a certain period of your day and focus on a specific task that you should finish during that time. You could allocate your mornings to manage your client’s work, and your afternoons take care of your family and friends. Perhaps, you could assign an entire day for a specific day of the week to finish a particular project that you should be finishing. It depends on you.

Changing your mindset

They say that procrastination is a manifestation of our fear of the unknown. We tend to stay in our comfort zone because we don’t want to get stressed on the things that are not normal for us. For example, I tend to avoid tasks because I thought that I could not do it, but in reality, I was able to finish it in just a couple of minutes. That frustrating feeling would add up, and it would lead to a cycle of eternal procrastination. Because we thought something could be done quickly, we can then say that we can do it tomorrow. So you get no stuff done.

During this pandemic, I observe that a lot of people are having trouble managing their time, and it’s normal. Our minds are still waiting for the old normal to be back, and it probably won’t. So maybe we should start accepting the fact that we need to look for ways to be productive so that our minds will not overpower us.

We should not let our minds control us. We should control our minds.

7 Responses

  1. These are great ideas to be productive and be time-efficient in creating content. But, will we improve over time? Or is this something that just said but difficult to apply in real life?

  2. I love the time-blocking technique. I’ve been using it for over a year and it changes my productivity level. I taught a friend how to do the time-blocking technique and she really loves it!

  3. I agree with you, Maurice. The old normal would never be back and for some, it would be difficult for them to adjust and adapt. The new normal requires discipline and dedication to tasks. I also procrastinate (a lot of times) but what keeps me moving is the thought of keeping myself sane and productive. I also develop a habit of waking up ahead or early to do more and yeah, meditate (sometimes). I don’t know about productivity tool (guess, I am old school) but I would give it a try. Thanks for this post, Maurice. It is very helpful.

  4. Sometimes, changing mind-set can be difficult, but then again if you want to be productive, you have to do it. I am also being lazy most of the times, what makes me want to do something is going back to the thought of why did I even started it. hahaha! then I will remember I was too lazy with my other tasks as well but I was able to do it. Sometimes, ang pagsugod ra sab ang lisud but once you started it, dire-diretso na. haha!

  5. We just talked about something related to this topic with my workmates. All of us have been staying home for almost five months with nothing compulsory to do. Right now, somehow we find it difficult to get up early though we’re able to report on time. Prior to the pandemic, it’s easy for me to get up from bed early in the morning because I have established this routine but after five months I’m now having a hard time getting up. So right now in the case of completing tasks, I’m trying my best to do the task the moment I need to make a decision during my available time and I hope I can make it a habit over time. I also agree with the use of productivity tools such as Trello, it does really help me with so many things and tasks my brain has to deal during this time.

  6. I cannot deny that this pandemic took a tool on us big time. Sometimes, my anxiety would just “activate” out of nowhere. Probably because I am home quarantined since March and I have not gone out of the house ever since (only at the house garage to check the outside). What I do now is to plan for small things like publishing my blog, sharing on social media, and other stuff related to blogging. I don’t have Netflix or iFlix so I am into YouTube again.

  7. One of my fave books, Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman, said most of the time the brain runs its show incognito; and that if you ever feel lazy or dull, take heart: you’re the busiest, brightest thing on the planet. Rewiring our mindset is not an easy task but it is something we can do about. We go back to our own resources, we go back to the Self. 🙂

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